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7 Tips For A Stress Free Business Trip

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7 Tips For A Stress Free Business Trip

Traveling for business, irrespective of whether you’re attending a conference in New York or meeting with business partners in Chicago, can generally be a taxing experience. You’re always on the run to make the next appointment, you live in constant fear that the airport will somehow lose your belonging and you don’t know whether the accommodations are suitable until you get there – there are always reservation mishaps. On top of that, there’s the actual work-related stress to account for.

In short, whether you’re an executive or a mid-level cog of the corporate world, business trips don’t exactly qualify as fun little escapades from the dull office life. However, it turns out that THERE IS something you can do about it. Let’s find out more!

1. Book a limo ahead of time

As an executive, your image is synonymous with the corporate figure you represent. Limousines aren’t just for show, however. Yes, they do allow you to arrive at the business meeting on time, in an impeccable suit free of potential rain/dirt stains, and in style. At the same time, a professional chauffer knows the ins and outs of the city; take advantage of his insight, particularly if it’s the first time visiting the location. Limos also provide the necessary amenities for a business trip, but more on that in a second. Remember to book one in time in order to get the best their fleet has to offer.

2. Get plenty of sleep on the night before

Unless the flight takes longer than 6 hours, it’s inadvisable to stay awake before the trip hoping that you’ll catch some shuteye on the plane. There are always delays at the gates, lines for the luggage and many other potential inconveniences that you should be facing with a clear, well-rested head.

3. Store the most valuable item in the carry-on bag

To avoid losing valuable possessions or critical documents for your trip, you should store them on your carry-on. Be careful though, there is a weight and space limit for it, so choose the contents wisely based on their degree of importance.

4. Wear an appropriate attire on the plane

There’s never a guarantee that you will have time to change your clothes after the flight, especially if the meeting is set on the same date as the arrival. Wearing your business suit is safer under these circumstances.

5. Setting wake-up calls guarantee you have time to spare

The early bird gets the contract, as popular corporate wisdom dictates. If you want to be certain that you’ll never miss an appointment and that you’ll have time to freshen up before entertaining clients and business partners, set your wake-up call accordingly so that you can be there half an hour earlier.

6. Learn your whereabouts and your destinations

You could do this by striding across the boulevards of the city for a few hours, but when you’re traveling for business, there’s rarely this much time to spare. A better alternative consists of asking your limo driver about the area and the key locations. The limited spare time you have on this trip is better used blowing off some steam and relaxing at some of the local attractions.

7. Employ your smartphone as a business agenda

Smartphones are becoming increasingly “smarter” with every passing day. If you have invested in a top of the line model, then you should make good use of its numerous business applications that allow you to organize your schedule in such a manner that you can actually get a bit of rest and time for yourself. It’s worth noting that wireless internet access provided within the limousine enables you to alter your agenda on the go, therefore keeping your options free in the evenings. On request, other gadgets – laptops, tablets – can be supplied by the rental service. Enjoy them while you’re sipping ice cold champagne in the back of your luxury sedan or limo!

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