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Airports In New York | Top 3 Major International Airports

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Airports In New York | Top 3 Major International Airports

There are several major international airports in the country. As demand for air travel continues, the airports are experiencing changes with many of them undergoing renovation to cater for the growth. Many modern facilities have been constructed and renovations continue in an attempt to ease congestion and ensure better services. Following is an introduction to the three major international airports in New York:

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

JFK is the largest of the New York City’s three airports and it handles most international flights in the area as well as many domestic flights. Located in Southeast of Queens, JFK Airport offers service to most major airlines although it is not as close to Manhattan as Newark and LaGuardia. Travelers who use JFK have more options when it comes to traveling to the airport. Some of the options include taxi, limo, van, New York Subway, express bus, LIRR and even helicopter service.

Driving to JFK Airport from Midtown Manhattan is fairly straightforward via the Queens-Midtown tunnel, east on the Long Island Expressway. You can get long term parking services at the JFK Airport parking areas, and from there Airtrains offer free rides to the terminals. It is important to be aware that the drive to JFK during the day usually involves bottleneck traffic when you get to the Midtown Tunnel and on the Grand Central Parkway.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

New York’s second largest airport is LaGuardia and it mainly handles domestic flights. Of the three major airports, it is closest to Manhattan geographically, but that does not make it any easier to access. There are many ways to get to the airport including limo, taxi, personal car, bus, New York subway or even by helicopter. There are benefits of each mode of travel and understanding them will help you to make the best transport choice.

Travelling to LaGuardia from midtown Manhattan is a real hassle due to the proximity and fewer transport options. The airport is located in Grand Central Parkway in Queens, New York and it usually takes an expert to get to the airport in good time. Hiring a limo or taxi is a better option than trying to drive to the airport and you can be sure of comfort and reliability. If you choose to drive to the airport, you can find long-term parking at LaGuardia but this is often on a limited basis.

Newark Liberty International Airport

The airport is considered one of New York City’ major airports although it is located in Newark, New Jersey, 16 miles southwest of Manhattan. The airport is a much quieter option to LaGuardia and JFK airports in New Jersey. There are many ways to get from Midtown Manhattan to the airport and they include taxi, car, Amtrak, express bus, shuttle, and rail or by the Newark Liberty Airport Express Bus. Those driving to Newark Airport from Manhattan take the Lincoln Tunnel to the NJ Turnpike until exit 14C, before taking I-78 to Route 1/9.

The drive to Newark Airport can take 50 to 65 minutes depending on the weather and traffic conditions. There are several parking options both long term and short term and they include the Newark Airport Parking. It is important to know that parking closer to the airport is significantly more expensive. There are free airport shuttle buses from lot P6 and the shuttle takes about 20 minutes.

When planning your trip to any of the airports, it is a good idea to plan with the traffic in mind. Delays due to traffic can add 20 to 30 minutes to the journey. The best way to get to the airport is by hiring a limo. Having an experienced driver on the wheel will help to ensure that you get to the airport faster. You can travel in comfort and you do not have to think about parking complications!

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