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Can You Spot A Terrible Limo Rental Company?

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Can You Spot A Terrible Limo Rental Company?

It may be easy to believe that all limo rental companies provide very similar lines of services and address their clients with the same level of professionalism. After all, you’re paying for a luxury service that deserves the best customer experience, so you’re probably going to get the best treatment possible, right?

Well, you should remember that for every Rolex or Breitling watch, there are thousands of cheap knockoffs. For every custom tailored Armani or Pierre Cardin suit, you have thousands of production line manufactured ones that don’t really fit the same way. For every pair of white gold plated diamond earrings, hundreds of fake stone ones are sold every day. In short, virtually every business niche, including limo rentals, has its good and bad parts. The key is to learn how to spot the red flags in time. Let’s find out how!

1. What do former customers have to say about it?

Through the magic of the internet, you can skip the wowing advertisement and promotional campaigns hosted by the rental company and get your information straight from the horse’s mouth; in this case, we’re referring to people who have hired their services before.

There are numerous websites, including the one of the company, where satisfied and dissatisfied clients alike can post their impressions. You can find out whether the limo showed up late or not at all, if the chauffeur was courteous and professional, if the vehicle was clean, comfortable and came complete with all the amenities promised, etc. A company that received an excessive number of complains is not a company you should do business with, irrespective of their low, low rates.

2. Does the company supply all the details about your rental?

Let’s assume that you’re picking up a couple of important business partners or investors from the airport and you want to dazzle them before you present your sales pitch. Naturally, you’ll want the limo you arrive in to be the latest model, freshly waxed and glittering in the sun, but you end up with a 30 year old beaten down one of dubious brand, creaking as it pulls up and leaving a trail of rust behind it. It’s your worst nightmare come true and all because the limo service didn’t specify all the details, like date of manufacture or current state. You make a mental note to be more careful when reading the contract next time

3. What is their chauffer hiring policy?

The person responsible for driving you and the other passenger’s around is equally important to the state of the limousine. When you contact the company, don’t forget to inquire about the experience of the chauffeur, the background checks performed prior to hiring him, disciplinary actions in the event of complaints, etc. You’re also advised to ask about their discretion policy, particularly if you intend to discuss the company’s more sensitive issues on the ride. In case they fail to provide specific and direct answers, it’s time to take your business elsewhere.

4. Does their insurance policy cover all potential risks?

Due to the extensive costs of managing a limousine rental company, certain ones attempt to cut costs via underinsurance. More exactly, they are exclusively covered against the very basic risks. Should worse come to worst and the limousine is involved in an accident that results in injuries or even casualties, that would be a terrible time to find out that the company doesn’t fully insure its clients.

Final thoughts

Renting a limousine from a company without performing a background check first or exclusively based on the affordable rates could be costly mistake. If you’re worried about the price, don’t forget that well established limo rental services often provide customers with loyalty discounts and incentive for repeated business. Don’t take unnecessary risks!

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