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Dear CEO, Take Your Clients To Lunch In Style In A Limo!

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Dear CEO, Take Your Clients To Lunch In Style In A Limo!

As a CEO, you would know very well that the business world thrives on connections and the corporate image you’re able to convey to your partners, investors and clients. Power lunches and business trips are the word of the day, so the locations chosen for the negotiations and the traveling arrangements are crucial aspects. Clients or business partners are always more willing to hear out your proposals or sign a contract when they feel comfortable with the location.

But, you have to get there first

The means of reaching the destination play an equally important role. If you intend to make your contacts in the business world feel valued, then a limousine equipped with all the amenities is the best way to say: “you are an important client/partner for our company”.

A limousine chauffeur can also act like a guide for the key establishments of New York City, according to the preferences of the company you’re entertaining. Keep in mind that these professionals boast an extensive experience in depth knowledge regarding the cuisine, busy hours, drinks list, etc. If you haven’t booked restaurant reservations in time, chances are you won’t have seats. Another aspect worth pointing out to elite management personnel is that the cuisine and theme should be chosen as not to offend potential sensitivities of your clients. It’s a good thing your chauffer knows a thing or two about various type of establishments in NY.

Running late? Not with a limo!

When you’re negotiating a contract on the behalf of your company as the CEO, promptitude and professionalism are the two key traits you’ll want to display. How would it look if you were running late at the business meeting or didn’t show up at all because you were stuck in traffic? Excuses only go so far in the corporate world and the whole thing would end up reflecting negatively on the company. It’s also necessary to point out that hunger tends to wean down patience, so if a client or partner is kept waiting on an empty stomach, he might not be in the mood to accept your apologies.

Parking issues

New York City is a nightmare when it comes to finding a nearby parking spot, particularly if in the immediate proximity of a famous restaurant. You could, of course, park a few blocks away and walk to restaurant, but from experience we can tell you no client will appreciate the exercise. Limo chauffeurs, on the other hand can drop you in front of the restaurant and return to pick you and your clients up when summoned, later on. Therefore, simply hiring a limousine for the occasion is the best way to ensure no parking spot related inconveniences occurs. Now you can focus exclusively on your lunch and, of course, your sales pitch.

On your way back

After a great lunch at one of the most sumptuous restaurants that New York City has to offer, it’s time to finalize the details of your contract. Naturally, you don’t want the client to feel pressured about it, so you try to lighten the mood over a glass of champagne or whiskey on the rocks in the back of your luxurious rental limousine. Planning to discuss confidential information? No problem, the chauffeur is trained to give you all the privacy and peace of mind you need.

Build your business image in NYC with that limo impression

In the steep competition of today’s dog-eat-dog business world, the only way to get by is to impress and convince potential clients and investors that your company represents the best solution in your specific niche. Remember that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of others in NYC alone. The rental price for a reputable limo service might appear high at first, but keep in mind it’s only a drop in the ocean after you manage to reel in the big fish.

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