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With a population exceeding 8 million, New York City is definitely a busy metropolis with numerous attractions and hidden sights. In fact, the local saying that the only thing you won’t find in NY is alone time stands proof of the many activities to engage in and places see on your trip to the Big Apple. This is also why the city might present certain challenges for first time visitors. In the event that you’re planning a trip to NYC and hope to capture the essence of this magnificent city, here are the top spots you can’t afford to miss out.

•    Statue of Liberty

The trademark of New York, the Statue of Liberty is the symbol and heart of the United States. In spite of time, wars and hurricanes, Lady Liberty still stands tall and allows visitors to take a trip back to the days when millions of immigrants crossed the ocean in search for a better life. The site was closed following Sandy for repairs, but she is now open again to the public and a visit to Ellis Island is certainly worth your time.

•    Empire State Building

A further noteworthy icon of NYC first-time visitors can’t miss out on is the Empire State Building. Situated in the heart of Midtown, the building represents more than a location where you can get a magnificent and unforgettable view of The Big Apple. In fact, inaugurated in 1930 and featured in numerous Hollywood productions, including How I Met Your Mother, the Empire State Building is by far the most recognized and impressive construction of the modern world.

•    Time Square

If you made your way to the Empire State Building, then you have to check out the symbol of America’s frenetic commercialism and the all-time favorite spot to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Situated just an intersection away from Midtown, Time Square is the best place to be for anyone interested in doing some shopping, enjoying a nice meal or catching a show on Broadway. Famous for its colorful and vivid illuminated signs, Time Square has featured in numerous contemporary movie productions, the latest including I Am Legend and Vanilla Sky.

•    Central Park

Dating back to 1857, when it was redesigned to become suitable for the fast-growing industrial New York, Central Park offers its visitors around 800 acres of bridges, gardens, winding paths and hills. In spite of the fact that it’s the perfect location to escape the frantic New York City, take note that this is more than your average park. From renting a bike and exploring the mysteries of the outdoors, and playing a sport to a ride on the Carousel or taking part in a special event, Central Park provides you with a plethora of options to enjoy yourself.

•    Places to check out the Manhattan skyline

Central Park is definitely a sight during the night, particularly since the city lights reflect off the streams, ponds and lakes. However, if you’re looking to catch a glimpse of the frenzied NYC nightlife, then you can considering seeing the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge or the Empire State Building, which is normally opened for visits until 2 am.

Let us bring you around the city

In case you’re still not sure about where to go, what to see and how you can get there, let Eilat Limousine lend you a hand. As a limo service with its headquarters in New York, we have provided rides for both visitors and locals for years. In fact, one of our specialty services is the private guided tours, where we can see and hear about all the important sites of New York from someone who knows them very well.

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