Irrespective of whether you’re planning a romantic vacation, a honeymoon or the perfect getaway to ask your significant other to marry you, New York is the best place for your special escape. Since we’re convinced you’re doing your best to impress that special someone in your life, we’ve put together a list of the greatest location in New York City for a proposal.

1. Top of the Empire State Building

In case you’re in New York for the first time and are looking to impress her, then there’s no better location than the top of the Empire State Building. While during the day you can see as far as 80 miles, the best moment for a romantic proposal is nighttime. Gazing at the glowing city below is definitely going to set the mood and create some unforgettable memories you will both cherish.

2. Central Park

One of the few lush pieces of the concrete jungle, Central Park might just be the most romantic place in New York City for outdoors enthusiasts. Regardless of the time of the year, this magical location offers a romantic experience for every taste and preference. From talking a stroll in the Conservatory Garden and visiting the Belvedere Castle to a boat ride under the Bow Bride or a carriage ride, there’s plenty of options for the perfect proposal to consider.

3. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Even though it’s slightly chilly outside in the October, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are absolutely stunning in the fall. Proposing under the myriad of fall colors is surely going to make the moment tender and etched in her mind. On a side note, in case you didn’t dress for the occasion, don’t hesitate to check out the indoor environments; they’re bound to offer you a pleasant respite on even the coldest of days.

4. The Rock Center Ice Rink

More often than not, the Ice Skating Rink at the Rockefeller Center is crowded with people of all ages. However, if you plan to propose in the months before Christmas and outside the holiday season, then you’re in for a treat. Not only will you be able to enjoy all the privacy required for this special moment, but you will also get the chance to spend an hour or two twirling on the ice. Rest assured, proposing on the Rock Center Ice Rink has nothing to do with your skating skills; it’s more about the two of you holding hands and spending time together.

5. Brooklyn Promenade

In all fairness, New York City always looks more magical and impressive from a distance. However, instead of driving for hours looking to the perfect spot to ask her to marry you, consider planning the special event on the Brooklyn Promenade. In addition to the most remarkable view of lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Promenade is also close to a wide variety of intimate and romantic cafes, including Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop and the famed River Café.

6. Hudson River Park

In the event you both love the outdoors, but your work doesn’t allow you to leave the city, then consider staging your proposal at the Hudson River Park. Spread across 5 miles, this is one of the best places to get away from the bustling city and, as a bonus, it offers the most spectacular views of New Jersey and the Hudson River.

7. Lincoln Center Fountain

If your sweetie is somewhat conservative, then one idea is to serenade her from Avery Fisher Hall. In case this is not possible, then a stroll around the Lincoln Center Fountain during the night could be just as romantic.

8. Metropolitan Museum of Art

While you might argue that proposing at an art museum is inappropriate, the truth is that this is the perfect occasion to sweep your better half off her feet by showing off your cultured side. In case she’s not into art, then you could consider showing her a magnificent view of the city from the Balcony Bar. Open between May and until late fall, the Balcony Bar is just the ‘appetizer’. In case you need more privacy, then you can head up the rooftop bar where you can enjoy a drink or each other’s company.

9. New York City’s Waterways

While New Yorkers associate it with the idea of a ‘cheap date’, in reality the waterfronts of Manhattan are the perfect place for a romantic proposal. In case you’re both active people and are not really impressed with the thought of a scenic cruise, then there’s plenty of other activities you can engage in there, including kayaking.

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