Which Are Some Of The Most Popular Luxury Cars For Rental In NYC?

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Which Are Some Of The Most Popular Luxury Cars For Rental In NYC?

For people looking for ways to make an impression at their next event, renting a luxury limousine is an ideal option. These vehicles are a great way to travel in comfort or even impress your clients, friends, etc. Besides, luxury car rentals today are fairly affordable if booked in advance. To make things even easier, there are several limousine services around town NYC that can be can be opted for.

But rather than booking a ride with the first service you come across, it is recommended to take your time to compare your options. How do you do this? Well, start by reading reviews on the service provider’s website to get an ideal on what you are getting yourself into. This way, you will be able to know what to expect from the different luxury car service providers in NYC. Online reviews are a good way to eliminate the companies that don’t offer quality services.

Why opt for luxury car rentals?

Apart from staying in a classy hotel, dressing to impress and wining and dining the clients at the top bistro in town, you also need to pull up to the conference location in any of the most luxurious auto, a modern limousine preferably. This way, you will be able to make a serious and lasting impression to all.

The question you need to ask yourself when renting a car is: would you prefer your business partners and clients to see you as an Impala or an Aventador (the renowned fighting bull for which Lamborghini, named its latest model)? We all know the answer to this question and providentially, there is a new crop of luxury car rental agencies that can help you out. So whether you are after a luxury limo or a race-inspired ride, with these agencies, there is always something to cater for your preferences. After all, image is everything in the business world!

Here are some of the most popular luxury rides you can hire for your next business meeting:

1. Mercedes SL550

Mercedes SL550 is a popular ride to rent for your next business trip in NYC. Powered by a powerful 4.6 liter twin-turbo V8 engine that is capable to produce 429 HP, this is the ultimate luxury convertible for people who want to make a lasting impression. The auto can…

2. 2014 BMW i8


This luxury auto for rental defined what a luxurious sports car should be in 2014. Though the car includes conventional standards for precision braking, superior handling and high speed, it has been improved to include new standards of unsurpassed gas mileage and environmental friendliness. With its advanced maneuverability, the 2014 BMW i8 is…

3. Mercedes Benz SLS

Also referred to as batmobile, the SLS AMG Mercedes has certainly lived up to its name. With its 6.2 liter V-8 engine with 583 hp, you are sure to turn heads everywhere you go and also highly impress your both clients and business partners.

4. Land Rover Range Rover HSE Sport Supercharged

So you are looking to impress your business executives and clients alike with a rental vehicle? Then, why not go for the ever impressive Range Rover HSE Sport rental the next time you will be in NYC. The tone of this supercharged V8 will have heads turning even before you arrive to your destination with its …

5. Lamborghini Murcielago

You will surely enjoying riding in this fast and very innovative Italian-made machine. Drive it to your next conference destination and you will for sure get the attention you deserve.

6. Mercedes Benz S600

Relax as you are chauffeured around in this luxurious rental vehicle. With its reclining, Nappa leather made, ventilated and heated seat that also boasts of full massage and a power foot and calf rest features, as well as remarkable leg room, you will arrive at your destination fully recovered. Not only this, you will create the impression you have been looking for to all and sundry. The S600 is truly an exceptional executive limo. This is a vehicle to convince a client to hire your company or your services.

Want other types of luxury rides?

Other popular luxury vehicle rentals in NYC include Lincolns and Cadillac in both sedan and stretch limousine variations depending on what you are looking for. With these you are sure to get noticed by the people who matter and thus being able to clinch that deal. If these two are not what you are looking for, then you can opt for Hummers and expensive oldsmobiles for rental such as Mercurys, Chevrolets, Buicks, Chryslers, Fords and the likes. Best of all, these autos come with a driver, meaning the worry of being late for your meetings or where to park is well taken care off.

All in all, rental luxury vehicles for hire in NYC are available for your use any time of the day or night you need them. Best of all, they are available in a wide range of selections to suit different occasions and most of them come with a professional driver. Simply put, whether it is for a wedding, stag party, business trips around town, airport transfer and more, there is always a luxury vehicle for hire to suit your occasion!

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